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Questionicon   What kind of videos can I convert?
Pretty much anything. If you run into a video that will not convert, please contact us and we'll look into fix...

Questionicon   System Requirements
Evom is a Mac only program, and requires 10.6 or higher to run.

Questionicon   Why is my transfer going slowly?
If you are either acquiring a video from the internet or uploading to YouTube, please be aware that the speed ...

Questionicon   I think I've found a bug or the application is crashing or I would lik...
Please contact us, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Questionicon   What other components are downloaded? Where are they installed?
Evom downloads ffmpeg components which allow it to convert video more effectively. They are located on your co...

Questionicon   Where can I get the source of your compiled ffmpeg binary?
You can download the source here.

Questionicon   Will Evom convert a dvd I ripped with Ripit?
Unfortunately, right now no.